Workshops & Retreat in Blue Mountains

The Polished Opal

Daily until Thursday 9th December
10-12 Leura Mall Leura NSW 2780
0448 725 830 |

The workshop starts with a short talk about opals with examples to look at and handle. Then you get to choose a parcel of three opals per person, ranging in size from six-twelve carats. You then learn how to polish them and release the gorgeous fire within the stones, which takes approximately two hours for all three stones.

This gives people the unique experience of polishing genuine Australian opal. There is nowhere else where you can polish opals and it is very likely that the opals you leave with will be worth more than the money you spent on this workshop. In fact, potentially you could polish an opal that is worth hundreds of dollars as it is impossible to see what an opal will look like before it’s been polished, truly the luck of the draw.

But this workshop gives you the information to help you make an informed choice of the parcel of opals you’ll choose.

When the opals have been polished, they are placed in a small display case for you to take home or, alternatively, they can be set in a piece of jewellery either on site or by your own jeweller back home.

Women’s Retreat / Men’s Retreat

Saturday 4th – Sunday 5th September
7 Seventh Avenue Katoomba NSW 2780 0402 959 946 |

Collectively we are moving beyond gender identity and towards a new era where we are each being tasked with integrating the optimal qualities of the feminine and masculine.
Too often we segregate into men’s retreats and women’s retreats, rather than celebrate the dynamism that occurs when femininity and masculinity dance together.

Sacred Union: Integrating the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine, aims to enhance partnerships as well as better prepare singles for future relationships.

This 2-day retreat focuses on helping you as an individual find right relationship with your feminine and masculine energies. It is designed to help healing parental relationships and repair intergenerational wounds.
This will be a group experience for those who learn best from interacting with a range of people. Alternatively, the program is available for individuals or couples who prefer to undertake it as an intensive experience.

Your facilitators, Ginny & Marcus have a background in running group retreats that focus on self-development and relationship enhancement.

Watercolour Workshops with artist David Wardman

Sunday 5th Sept to Sunday 5th Dec 2021 (First Sunday of each month)
7 Emily Street studio Katoomba NSW 2780 0418 965 071 |

A workshop for beginners and those wanting to explore their skills further. A one day structured workshop, an intensive but highly enjoyable process aimed at raising the skills and confidence of the participant. You will study the materials and techniques to discover new ways of seeing the world around you, and to translate that into successful water colour painting.

They look at how to find compelling subject matter almost anywhere. They study the nature of light in painting that defines and gives the image life.

David Wardman is an accomplished watercolour artist, as well as conducting workshops he has given talks in watercolour illustration at Sydney University, UTS, and Sydney College of the Arts.

Student numbers are limited to six participants, the workshops are held on the first Sunday of each month. A light lunch and refreshments are included. Some materials are provided , please contact David for materials requirements.

Travel Stories Writing Workshop

Sunday 5th Sept to Sunday 25th Dec 2022
29 Merriwa St Katoomba NSW 2780
0488 839 505 |

Want to write travel stories for fun, put them on your blog or see them in print? Sip wine, chai or herbal tea and sit in cosy comfort by a romantic open fire and learn about the art and craft of travel writing from your host and resident Blue Mountains writer, Linda deWilde-Moon.

This class is suitable for those with basic story writing skills or an interest in learning more about the wonderful world of writing.

The workshop provides an introduction to travel writing and will cover an overview of the following topics:

  • The structure and form of a travel article.
  • Other key elements of a travel story.
  • Types of travel articles including listicles, blogs, first-person stories.
  • How to work with the media and editors.
  • Where to showcase or sell and publish.
  • Using and submitting your own photographs.

You will also get a chance to chat about a story idea of your own and complete a small writing exercise for feedback.

Life Purpose Retreat

Sat 11th to Sun 12th September 2021
7 Seventh Avenue Katoomba NSW 2780
0402 959 946 |

This two-day retreat focuses on helping you as an individual find your purpose in life.

Their life purpose retreat takes a mind, body and spirit approach to help you clarify your centre, or clearly define your purpose (your trajectory). Upon doing so, you’ll find it easier to then marry your passions with what the world needs (the social coordination). Essentially, finding practical expression for your gifts.

Their specifically designed Yurt space offers a tranquil experience, nestled in the Blue Mountains Bushland.

Incorporated into this retreat:

  • Indigenous (shamanic) understanding of our life purpose
  • Soul blueprint (numerology & astrology)
  • Western career methodologies
  • Tarot reading
  • Intuitive Counselling
  • Breathwork

Enjoy a flexible schedule where you can do as much or as little as you feel called to and rediscover what is truly important to you.