Join Wild Mushroom Hunt

Feeling itchy to leave your home and venture outdoors? Autumn brings an unusual opportunity to go foraging for wild mushrooms!

Wild Mushroom Foraging Season:
March 13th, 27th & 28th
April 3rd, 24th & 25th

A guided, COVID-safe mushroom hunt is a great opportunity to learn how to successfully forage for nature’s bounty – gourmet wild mushrooms, growing in Autumn in cool climate pine forests around Sydney. They are considered delicacies in Europe and are sought after by Sydney chefs!

We usually meet at 9:30 am at Hampton beyond the Blue Mountains and from there take a short drive to a pine forest for our foraging tour. Your guide will:

  • teach you how to recognise and pick wild edible mushrooms
  • run a safety check of your basket
  • prepare a fresh barbecue lunch from the day’s harvest
  • run a mini-workshop on preserving mushrooms: a great opportunity to learn about drying, pickling and fermenting.

You will go home not only with what you found, but also with confidence to safely recognise two varieties of edible mushrooms and knowledge about how to preserve them.

Once registered, you will receive information about what to bring and a fact sheet about wild mushrooms.

A mushroom hunt is a great outdoors activity, especially for children who are fascinated by finding not only edible mushrooms, but also fairy circles!

The most popular edible mushroom species growing near Sydney came from the northern hemisphere and colonised pine plantation forests in cooler areas such as highlands beyond Blue Mountains. These delicacies such as Red Pine Mushroom (Saffron Milk Cap) and Slippery Jack are highly prized by chefs and hard to buy.

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