Lithgow is renowned as a learning City offering two Universities; a glorious valley set amidst mountain splendour. Lithgow is also rich in tradition and culture with diverse ecosystems.

Immerse yourself in Aboriginal tradition, step back in time to an era where steam dominated transport and when industry was our backbone Discover Lithgow’s accessible wilderness.

With tranquil vistas and serene landscapes, the environment is abundant in wildlife and picturesque mountain panoramas. Great for camping! The Lithgow region is nature’s playground. Canyoning and rock climbing, in areas ten times older than the Grand Canyon, are experiences never to be forgotten.

There are also magnificent 4WD tracks to explore walks and bike tracks galore. The choice of adventure is up to you.

What to See & Do

  • Camp on the shores of Lake Lyell for wildlife encounters and speed boating.
  • Visit the nationally significant Small Arms Factory Museum.
  • Go bird watching, with a guide. Visit the award winning wetlands to see how many different plants and animals you can identify.
  • Take a helicopter view of this surprising area.
  • Go on a tour with the people who have lived here for thousands of years.