Blackheath / Mt Victoria

Medlow Bath to Mt Victoria

Recent developments in these areas establish this as a centre with attractions to rival those that have made Leura to Katoomba so renowned.

Reopening of the Hydro Majestic (pictured above) in November 2014 following upgrades, redevelopment of Redleaf Resort, the opening of Parklands and many other accommodation improvements in the area are attracting new visitors. Combined with more places to eat, galleries and a wide variety of new businesses, we now have a newly evolving centre, drawing locals and visitors into a thriving new cosmopolitan area to spend time; to return to, seeking new experiences.

Blackheath at 1065m abve sea level is 114 km from Sydney and most famous for its November Rhododendron Festival with the Rhododendron Gardens to be found in Baccante Street.

The town’s shopping centre has a delightfully relaxed village atmosphere. Blackheath is filled with natural beauty and there are many breathtaking views and bush walks to experience. Blackheath is full of colonial history. The first building in Blackheath was “The Scotch Thistle Inn” erected by Andrew Gardner in 1831. The Inn was visited by the renowned scientist Charles Darwin in 1836. The site for “The Scotch Thistle Inn” was located slightly south of the present Gardners Inn Hotel.

On the outside of the famous Victory Theatre antique centre is one of the town’s proudest displays, a colourful mural designed by local artist Jenny Kee and painted in 1985 by members of the local community on behalf of the Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre. It has been recently refurbished by this proud community.

Mount Victoria is the most westerly Blue Mountains township – 120 kilometres from Sydney and 1043 metres above sea-level. It is a small very charming historic village originally named ‘One Tree Hill’ on a map from 1834 – the name changed in 1876 when the first Post Office was built. There are a large number of historic buildings, including the Imperial Hotel -1878, St Peter’s Church of England -1874, Closeburn House-1885, The Manor House, built by John Fairfax in 1876 and the Toll Keepers Cottage -1849. In Mount Victoria and close by you have Victoria Falls, Victoria Pass, Mt York, Bede’s, Sunset Rock & Mitchell’s Ridge Look-outs, beautiful Bushwalks and the Mount Victoria Historical Museum.

Some of the Historic buildings are now beautiful 1st class accommodation facilities and combined with their fine food and other restaurants, make staying in Mount Victoria another must for your ‘Top of the Mountains Adventure’

What to See & Do

  • The Kanimbla Valley Walking Tracks, which take in Pulpit Rock, Bede’s Lookout, Reinitz Pass and Ross Cave.
  • The array of buildings and boutique shops selling antiques, crafts, etc.
  • The walking track to Victoria Falls.
  • Mount Victoria Historical Museum
  • First release films at Mount Vic Flicks.