Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail

(Left) Flying Fifie, (middle) Wildlife Warrior, (right) Koalasaurus-Max

Come into the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and meet the Hello Koalas.

Due to popular demand three of the Hello Koalas are staying at the Garden a little longer following the much-loved Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail. The sculptures are one-metre high and hand-painted by Australian artists.

Lovingly hand-painted or mosaicked by talented Australian artists, every Hello Koala features environmental, wellbeing, heritage or cultural designs to fall in love with and get you thinking and talking.

It is also a unique and creative way to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our koalas and our environment. This Aussie icon is endangered everywhere by land clearing for roads and houses, by vehicle strikes, dog attacks, climate change and disease.

The three Hello Koalas sculptures are part of the larger Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail, a unique award- winning concept, conceived by Arts and Health Australia Pty Ltd (AHA) and centred in Port Macquarie. The Hello Koalas aim to promote koala conservation and conservation of other threatened animal and plant species in Australia.

Come in and meet Koalasaurus-Max, Flying Fifie and Wildlife Warrior.

Flying Fifie
Butterflies, with their vividly coloured wings and fluttering flight pattern, lend a special touch of beauty to nature. Importantly, they help flowers pollinate, eat weedy plants and provide a food source for other animals. There are about 17,500 species of butterflies in the world. Butterflies and moths are the only groups of insects that have scales covering their wings. Flying Fifie is a treasure trove and home to 23 butterflies, 5 moths and 5 caterpillars found in Australia.

Wildlife Warrior
A feisty and colourful little champion for nature, Wildlife Warrior reminds us to get out and into nature, protect our plants and animals and have fun too. Everyone can be a Wildlife Warrior and care for our plants and animals. What can you do for koalas? Log on to koalahospital.org.au to find out.

Dinosaurs lived around 70 million years ago and are a powerful reminder of the vulnerability of species including those that appear strong, indomitable and fierce. Unlike other members of his theropod family, which includes Tyrannosaurus-REX (T-REX), Koalasaurus-MAX is a gentle giant and an eloquent ambassador for all threatened species. How many dinosaur names can you see on Koalasaurus-MAX? Do you have a favourite dinosaur? What makes Koalasaurus-MAX so special? Is it because he is the one dinosaur in world history which reminds us that we must protect and keep our plants and animals safe? Go K-MAX!

The Garden opening hours: 7am to 8 pm.
The Calyx opening hours: 10am to 4 pm.
Make a trip to the Garden over summer and enjoy the beautiful artistry on each of the Hello Koalas and learn more about them.
Take a Hello Koalas momento home!
There is a great range of Hello Koalas memorabilia available at the Shop in The Calyx from magnets and colouring-in books to tea towels. A lovely memory of your visit or a wonderful gift.
You can also purchase online at https://shop.hellokoalas.com/