Unlocking the past of a lost Parramatta home

March 15, 2021 19:03 - 21:03


“The Vineyard – Unlocking the past of a lost Parramatta home”

By Angela Sanderson & Marje Prior

Monday 15 March 2020 | 7.30pm

Angela Sanderson is the author of the above pictured book and Marje Prior is the publisher of it. The book, which will be the subject of the talk, will be launched at the meeting and available for purchase.

They will talk about the Schaeffer, Waterhouse, Cox and Blaxland families who lived at the property called “The Vineyard”, the Greek Revival mansion built in 1830s by Hannibal Macarthur and the purchase of the property by the Benedictine Order who renamed it “Subiaco”. Under the Benedictine nuns it was run as a private girl’s school and later as a boys school run by Sylvestrine monks. The talk will also cover the sale of “Subiaco’ to the Rheem company in 1961 and its subsequent demolition.

Come along and hear this intriguing story.

VENUE: Burnside Gardens Community Centre 3 Blackwood Place, Oatlands.
The lecture is free and will be followed by supper. Enquiries – Jeff Allen 0414 996 497